CoolVines Jersey City

When CoolVines was offered the flagship commercial space on the corner of a new building in downtown Jersey City’s they called us to collaborate again. The size of the store far exceeds their other locations and they intended to offer packaged and fresh foods in addition to their stable of curated wines, beer and liquors. We designed custom millwork to maximize the floorspace devoted to merchandise display and take full advantage of the light and exposure of the building’s corner location. The storage and utility functions are built into a “box” in the corner with a large office and meeting area nested atop. 

Extra deep wine racks allow for the full racking of incoming goods with minimal need for storage and less time spent restocking. The food and produce table is built around custom “crates” which can be moved to the adjacent fridges for storage, or around the store to function as displays. We built this millwork largely of marine fir plywood with steel edging for the easy addition and removal of bespoke magnetic labels. The point of sale station is the hub of the store: receiving and processing incoming merchandise, completing sales and a counter for tasting select new wines. Here we used a refined vertical grain fir plywood and built a custom zinc top which should patina nicely from years of use and the occasional spilled wine sample.