Kugler House

The Kugler house, located in Frenchtown NJ, was part of a large land purchase by the Hunterdon land trust.  300 acres were preserved as a park while the original homestead plot was subdivided.  After working with the State and Town officials it was decided that the house should be carefully deconstructed and a replica built using as much of the original structure as possible.

This allowed for construction of a modern, energy-efficient home that maintains the look of the original home.  Many materials of the original house were used in the construction of the house, including all the original flooring. Other reclaimed materials, including yellow pine sheathing boards and salvaged doors, were used through-out.  The moldings are replicas of Federal profiles used on the original home.  The foundation stone  were reused in the retaining walls around the driveway and back yard.

The timber frame of the original has been tagged and saved so it can be raised again (enquire with MDB if interested).